Our History

The year is 1965 and I was nine years old when I watched the first Green Acres television show.  As many of you will remember it was about a New York City attorney acting on his dream to be a farmer and his glamorous wife uprooted from the life she adored to a ramshackle farm.  I loved that show and remember the theme song Green Acres is the Place to be!!!!!

Carl and Sophia Borcherdin were united in marriage in 1893 and to this union came two daughters and eight sons.

Now I would like to go back to 1921 when another husband and wife had the same dream to allow their children to be farmers. Carl Borcherding had a dream to build a farm and that is the beginning of our story.  Carl and his two eldest sons built this beautiful farm.  If only the walls  could talk – I am sure there would be some great stories just like Green Acres.

The two eldest sons Carl and Ed helped their father (Carl) build this beautiful farmstead in 1920 and 1921,Carl and Verna lived here from 1921 to 1928.

We have been told that there is a possibility that the house is a Sears and Roebucks house and have found a picture of a house in the Sears and Roebuck catalog that looks a lot like our home that you could purchase in1921.  During the years there has been some changes made to the interior but it still has the charm of yesteryear.

 My husband’s grandfather (Carl) was the eldest son and he and his bride were the first to make this their home.  My father in law (Ivan) was born here and then when he was around three years old his parents decided it was time to venture out and buy their own farm two miles west.

In 1928 Ed and Ressie moved here and made it their life long home.

This gave the second eldest son (Ed) the opportunity to live his dream to be a farmer with his new wife and in 1928 they moved to this farm.  The two of them made this their home for over 50 years.  Two of the things I remember about Ed and his wife Ressie is that they both loved to talk and they worked hard and loved being farmers.  The one thing that everybody remembers is the gorgeous

flower and vegetable garden they had.  I remember driving by everyday on my way to and from work and seeing them out their planting flower bulbs or weeding.  After their passing the farm was split and the acreage was sold to a couple that turned it into a bed and breakfast.

This is where our story begins.